Sell Your Damaged iPhone


We understand that not everyone wants to get their iPhone repaired. This is usually because you are due an upgrade and don't want to spend money on an iPhone that you are going to sell.

 If this is the case, sell it to us!

We are always looking to purchase damaged iPhones. If your iPhone is damaged or faulty in some way, please contact us and let us make you an offer!

We are interested in iPhones that have cracked screens/poor battery life/faulty cameras/faulty speakers/not charging properly etc....

All we ask is that your iPhone does not have any passcodes and is NOT linked to any iCloud account (iCloud locked).
If you are unsure, you can remove this on your iPhone by following these steps:

Settings - General - Reset - Erase all content and settings - Erase iPhone - (enter your Apple ID password) - Erase

You can also log into, enter your Apple ID details and then remove your particular device/model from the Find My iPhone section.
**Please note, we will always check your device (with our 21 point checklist) prior to purchasing it and we will NOT purchase any iPhone that is iCloud locked. We will also carry out an online check of your device/IMEI number on Checkmend. This is to ensure that we are not purchasing lost, stolen or blacklisted iPhones**